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Air Ambulance Services

Emergency Aircraft & Equipment

Air Medical Flight Services operates newer, safer, faster, more comfortable, more efficient aircraft. Reliability is high. Fuel burn efficiencies lower costs. Our ETA's are accurate. We'll be there in hours, not days. From a patient care perspective the time en route should be minimized.

Operating fast jet aircraft allows Air Medical Flight Services to complete the mission quickly and stand ready for the next mission. A fast aircraft reduces the patient's travel time en route. Our Learjet aircraft accomplish both objectives.

We go anywhere in the world

We go anywhere in the US and Canada. Our jet aircraft are new, fast, safe and equipped with state-of-the-art medical and support equipment. We can arrange to have a physician on the flight or even arrange to have your doctor on board.

We own and operate the jet aircraft used for your air ambulance flight. We employ the flight and medical staff that make your long-range air ambulance flight so comfortable. We take the guesswork out of your difficult decision in selecting a qualified, experienced, dedicated long-range air ambulance to transport your loved one. Our flight and medical teams and aircraft are dedicated 24/7 to emergency and non-emergent air ambulance flights. Flights originate from 6 bases strategically located across the US. Each air medical flight is staffed by a Pilot and Co-Pilot and a Flight Nurse and Flight Paramedic. The aircraft are owned by Air Medical Flight Services and operated under our FAA Part 135 Air Carrier (operating) Certificate.

State of the Art

Our Learjet aircraft are state licensed as air ambulance vehicles, are pressurized, climate controlled, and are configured with a state-of-the-art LifePort reclining medical bed with built in oxygen, suction, air compressor, and inverter. IAMS provides an ICU environment with cardiac monitoring, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, IV infusion pumps, pulse oximetry, emergency medication, defibrillation with pacing capabilities, and advanced airway management. Our medical crewmembers are able to communicate directly with emergency room physicians at any point in the flight.

Professional 'On-Call' Readiness

Our flight and medical crews are at the pinnacle of their careers. Our dispatch, maintenance staff, and flight crews are on-station at the airport, ready to go! When dispatch receives a call there is no half-day, or full-day wait for things to come together.
Air Medical Flight Services is alone in its 'on-call' readiness and short launch window.